Friday, September 13, 2019

How job seekers harm themselves

To be a decisive and strong-willed seeker, with lightning speed bringing the work begun or planned to the end - the top of professionalism. If there was a reward for merit in finding work, then surely such unemployed would be awarded in the first place. But, unfortunately, only the applicant himself is able to evaluate search diligence in the modern world. If the assessment of your efforts is far from a solid “5”, then we advise you to acknowledge the lack of perseverance, consistency and start working on the error.

The best way to increase your productivity in finding a job is to treat this process as a full-fledged work. That's right: now you need to work hard for a better future. Therefore, make every effort to post a resume on large search sites, sign up for newsletters of interesting vacancies and start searching for information about employers in your city.

Unreasonable Confidence
It is commendable to believe in a job search in a few days. But self-confidence must be reasonable. The vacancy search site will help in this, which will introduce the applicant to the realities of the labor market and personnel. In a few seconds, any user will receive answers to the following questions:

Do employers in my city need workers in my profession?
How much do they pay to such specialists?
What knowledge and skills are needed for this job?
What are the alternate employment options in my city?
How many job seekers offered their resume online to the personnel market?
What fresh vacancies appeared on the search site today?
After receiving answers to these questions, the applicant will receive a list of his skills and abilities, a real picture of his own prospects and information on compiling a selling resume.

Even if the applicant has understood the basic requirements of employers, he cannot be completely sure of the nuances of hiring new employees in a particular company. It is known that some employers focus on documents confirming education, others use practical tasks as a test, and others are guided by the study of the candidate’s personality on social networks.

Therefore, it is necessary to prepare from all sides: ask for letters of recommendation confirming your knowledge; create a portfolio of your work that confirms the practice, and check social networks for literacy, logic and ethics.

So, it’s easy to fix the consequences of search errors. It is only necessary to approach this matter with personal motivation and desire.

After the interview - why the employer is silent

An interview with an employer, which is usually called an interview, is an exciting moment in the job search process. Not everyone succeeds in passing this stage. The reasons may be different. Should I be interested in the outcome of the meeting? Gorod understood this issue.

The feedback that candidates are looking forward to receive after the interview may not always be good. It is accepted that the ringing call from a recruiter or future manager indicates an invitation to cooperate. Nobody is waiting for a trick. After all, applicants are accustomed to such a situation in the Russian employment structure: if you call, then you need it. However, most used seach terms for job seekers are negative about employers' silence after an interview. Are modern people ready to hear the truth? Should employers announce their verdict and evaluate the candidate’s knowledge and skills?

Consider the situation with specific examples.

Job Interview Answer
It would be much more convenient for applicants and candidates to hear the answer at the interview. The employer will ask questions of interest, talk about the company and its activities, answer the questions of the candidate and announce his decision.

It is worth remembering that no matter what the employer's response is, it will be the personal opinion of a particular company, you should not take it into your own account, be offended or disappointed in the search process. Think about it, because it is with a negative reaction to a negative answer that you make employers lie and promise a call.

Time to think
Ideally, an interview is not an invitation to a meeting, but a preparatory stage before going to work. But Russian practice shows that employers use this technique to compare candidates. Meanwhile, this process can be carried out in absentia: the sent resumes are quite suitable to assess the knowledge and experience of the workers in question.

Hence the sad statistics, distrust of employers and the emergence of fraudulent structures that profit from someone else's job search.

The last word
In order not to become a victim of expectation, the applicant should take control of the situation. No need to call the company every hour. It will be enough to agree at the interview that whatever the outcome of the meeting, an answer is needed in any form. This can be a secretary call, an e-mail notification or a message on the phone. The main thing is that the candidates will be notified of the decision of the company and calmly continue to search for work.

So, the consequences of the interview will not be so unpredictable or tiring if the applicants learn to adequately perceive the information. Not everyone can calmly react to the truth, especially if the employer chooses in favor of another candidate.

In any case, it is worth remembering that you are not the only applicant for a vacant place that has been refused. In this case, it would be appropriate to thank the company for the prompt response and interest in your candidacy.

In the case of a positive outcome and an invitation to cooperation, the candidate should remember: getting a job is work, not disappointing in it is a whole science.

How to save an external personnel reserve

What is the personnel reserve for?
The goals of creating a personnel reserve may be different, but all of them are tied to one thing - the continuation of the successful activities of the company.

For example, in the event of a sudden departure or protracted illness of a key employee, the company's work may stall. Such a case does not lead to a long search for specialists, interviews and a probationary period as an intern. A worker is needed here and now.

Another option is a struggle for a place in the sales market. Each company seeks to prove itself from the best side, therefore placing a vacancy on public display is a risky step, fraught with a loss of reputation. For most people, the search for employees is associated with the instability of the company, the dissatisfaction of employees, and therefore the poor quality of services or products. In this case, it is simply necessary to quietly find a worthy replacement.

The selection and adaptation of a new employee is always a cost. It’s good when you can close a vacancy not only in a short time, but also with minimal financial expenses.

Types of personnel reserve
In all these cases, the presence of a personnel reserve is simply necessary. It is of two types: internal and external. In the first case, the situation in many companies is optimistic: there will always be an employee within the state who is ready to go for an increase or to combine work.

With the external personnel reserve, things are much worse, because few can boast of a list of resumes of applicants who are ready to instantly respond to the call of the company. Moreover, the qualifications and professionalism of candidates should be at a high level.

Who is included in the external personnel reserve
HR specialists simply need to maintain their own database. It will consist of workers of three qualifications:

Top managers and line managers - the search for personnel is carried out with the involvement of specialized recruitment agencies, the participation of company management and experienced recruiters from the state is necessary, the interview takes place in several stages.
Rare and narrowly focused specialists - it is recommended to search for personnel from studying the practical part, attracting the recommendations of related companies, it is better to conclude a contract with a specialist of a temporary nature, recruiting agencies are involved at will.

Easily replaceable positions - the base of such employees is made up of resumes of candidates who previously responded to the position; for help, you can turn to job search sites and the electronic resume database.
So, it is necessary to maintain an external personnel reserve for the image of the company, stabilization of high productivity, as well as to avoid costs. External talent pool must be filled with employees of different categories. The management of the company itself, staff recruiters and recruiters from recruitment agencies should take part in this.

How to find a job online

Use synonyms for search
When an employer places an online job advertisement, he selects different headings for him. Thus, the same work gets different interpretations. Have you ever searched job by location? I found a good site which helped me in the past - The applicant will ask the search engine about a specific vacancy and will receive a specific number of ads upon request. It is possible that none of them will satisfy his requirements. To avoid this situation, use synonyms or words that are appropriate to the field of activity. For example, for a merchandiser it will be: work on a personal car, arrangement of goods, order in a store, activities of a traveling nature, a free schedule, etc.

See all jobs in your city
You can find direct vacancies not only by choosing the category of the labor industry, but confine yourself to one city of the desired employment. This method is good when work is needed, and the labor market is poorly understood. The method is necessary to search for a new direction of employment, the existence of which the applicant is not even aware of.

Leave only the city name in the search field of the job portal and click the search button. The appeared job ads can be transformed by filters: put in order by publication date or by relevance.

Search for a job by company name
If the task is to find a job in a particular company, then on the search portal it will be easiest to do this. has information on large Russian employers in the database of vacancies. Indicate your city of residence and the name of the company where you want to find a job. The search robot will instantly show all the ads for this request.

This option of job search is used in small cities where several large enterprises operate, periodically posting their jobs on the Internet.

Job search on the Internet is a highly effective way to quickly get information about the world of the labor market and personnel. But without the help of a search portal, this is extremely problematic. Do not give up free and affordable help. The job portal is a modern way to look for work, information and career opportunities.

How to help a friend find a job

Understand the goal
The main mistake of everyone who wants to help in the job search is to impose their own job options. Any job announcement that appears is found by assistants such as instructions for use. At the same time, the assistants will not even think about checking the employer for reviews on the Internet or carefully reading the text of the vacancy itself. But in vain, because the first thing to do is to understand the goal of the applicant himself. Knowing the main information, it will be easier to filter out useless work options, reduce search time and achieve results.

Find out:

The position your friend is applying for
level of education, a set of knowledge and skills that he owns.
This information will be more than enough for your help to be really useful.

No moralizing
Is your job lost through your friend’s fault? Perhaps his act caused not so much pity as much indignation on your part? Maybe he is not diligent in finding a job? Remember that playing the role of the prosecutor is not the best option. You are not aware of all the nuances, which means you have no right to blame or judge. However, this is absolutely pointless, because a new goal has already been identified.

Explain how to use the job search site
Today there are a huge number of job sites and job aggregators. All of them are called upon to help in finding a job for free, quickly post a resume on the Internet, find the best employment option and give maximum useful information about the labor market and personnel.

Daily processes over 200 sites for fresh vacancies. As soon as a new work is discovered, information indicating the source goes to the site. So the user can find work in any city.

Tell your friend that posting a resume is a simple and easy task, because an automatic sending service is available on the portal. The applicant fills out a resume and selects sites to submit. Next, the portal robot itself sends and places the resume at the marked recipients.

Your friend is probably also unaware of the fact that the labor and personnel market is filled daily with unique job offers that are not so easy to find without special knowledge. For example, vacancies on the site can be searched by keywords for job responsibilities, company name, skills or preferences: working in an office, knowledge of a PC, working on your car, and more. Designate a city of search, look for a vacancy by industry, field of activity, work schedule or salary.

A job search will be much more effective if the applicant, in addition to electronic support, receives help from a friend. Help post your resume to your friend on the job portal New job is close.